Simple Products for Complicated Needs

Finding the right product for your specific needs is hard enough, lets simplify that for you.

Real Time Marketing
& Analytics

Have the ability to target your customers, clients or prospects in real time based on recent or in the moment interests and actions shown in their digital journey. Gathering and making sense of information in real time can be confusing and overwhelming. Allow us to simplify your analytics that works in parallel with your marketing efforts.

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Omnichannel View

Tie all of your marketing data back to real people, resolving identity across first-, second-, or third-party digital and offline data silos.

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Reach people everywhere. Identity resolution gives marketers the ability to connect with their target audience across channels in a privacy-conscious way.

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Consumers want to be treated like individuals. Use identity resolution to recognize people in a privacy-conscious manner and customize messages to them across channels.

Identity & Device Graph

Unlike most identity graphs, DigiCenter leverages only deterministic signals to build our graph. Deterministic data provides the base that allows our machine learning algorithms to continuously refine themselves to maintain the highest degree of data precision that companies look for when spending marketing dollars to obtain a high ROI/conversion rate. Our Device Graph operates along side our Identity Graph which enables marketers across a range of use cases: cross-device audience extension, retargeting, attribution, personalization, measurement and analytics, mobile-to-desktop pathing, and creative sequencing to unify a cross-device view of the consumer which opens up new opportunities to connect with your audience.

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People Based Marketing

Right message plus right time plus right person—multiplied by infinity. People-based targeting, measurement, and personalization becomes possible at scale with our identity graph and device graph.

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Identify Anonymous Individuals

Continuous and real-time identity resolution ensure our clients identity graph is refreshed in real time as new data enters or leaves the system. Empowered with the most up-to-date single view of a customer, clients can monetize site visitors, power 1:1 site personalization and develop more accurate ad targeting.

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Cross Device Connections

With our device graph working in tandem with our identity graph, we provide all associated devices to an email or all emails associated to a device in real time. As a stand alone solution, we can provide clients the same insights for any data set they request.

Deterministic Data

Gathering Deterministic Data that is high quality and at scale can be hard. DigiCenter’s dedicated Data Growth Team’s sole focus is just that, so we can further enhance our own products/services but also be able to help our clients and partners better enhance their own products/services as well.
Data As A Service

Subscribe to get DigiCenter data that is made into actual profiles of people, not just stand alone data, to power your use cases such as your advertising ecosystem, technology, onboarding and many more. Direct data sourced from hundreds of publishers and vetted via our strict quality control, can power data models, analytics, and complex decision making.

Productization & Monetization

Start generating an incremental revenue stream right away by tapping into DigiCenter’s need for additional data. We navigate the legal and business obstacles for our data contributing partners so they can focus on growing their businesses.

Privacy First Approach

Be as confident in your third party data as you are in your first party data. DigiCenter ensures our data follows all industry standards and applicable laws as well as collecting opt-in data only.


Measurement and reporting on the “how much” and the “how many” of campaign performance is widely available. Multi-touch attribution or even simple campaign reports, show how channels, campaign messages, and ad formats perform in terms of impression volume, clicks, total conversions, and ROI. But somewhere along the way, someone forgot to address the “who”. So, we did just that, better equipping marketing teams with audience understanding so they can laser focus marketing efforts on the right individual for increased customer conversions and ROI.

Detailed Data Outputs

We provide all the detailed data we have collected and synchronized to a persistent individual consumer ID, such as log level data and store visitation data.

Accurate Individual Identity Resolution

You can only have great measurement if you’re starting with the best individual identity data with a cross-device reach. DigiCenter has built and continuously optimizes the most comprehensive consumer individual truth set to ensure high a performance and conversion rate.

Comprehensive Closed Loop

Many companies talk about closed-loop, but they don’t actually trace actions back to individuals, or don’t connect the dots across all customer channels. With our robust data infrastructure, customer capabilities, data assets, and network of partners, we have the proven ability to execute closed loop: cross-device, online, and offline.